Many of you have written emails asking why there have been no updates since 2010.  A very good question based on the level of importance The Copper Scroll Project could hold.

Here is your answer.  Many in the academic community poured out kindness and support and were intrigued by The Copper Scroll Project.  A few in academia, however, did not like the fact that a mere mortal figured out the meaning of the Copper Scroll and attacked my research yet, “they had never seen it.”  As strange as their behavior was the most distressing issue is how they assaulted the Israelis for conducting an exploratory excavation at Qumran based on my work.  Their disapproval of me was expected and of no importance.  Their unwarranted attack on the Israelis was completely unacceptable.

For that reason, it became important to leave the website idle, making those in opposition think that the project had died and gone away.  That hiatus left me free to travel quietly to and from Israel making contact with those in authority and update my research with new discoveries.

We are pleased to inform you that now it is time to reopen the website anew and begin again.  For the vast number of you that believe in The Copper Scroll Project, I am very sorry to have been forced into silence but there was no option.  Tell your friends, this refreshed website will provide the details you desired supported by facts important to us all.

Thank you all for your patience and again, I am sorry for the silence.

Jim Barfield