The obvious silence of our website updates is, for now, ending.  Those of you living in and around the US and Israel know why, at different times, it has been important for me to remain silent about advances in progress with the project.  Although you will not read about the current advances and movement in detail, an attempt to keep you respectfully advised is posted below.

In this update you will learn about

  1. Surge in Media interest
  2. Search for additional equipment for Locating Artifacts
  3. Meeting with Israeli Dignitary
  4. The Next Public Presentation


Media Interest 

Interest in The Copper Scroll Project has unexpectedly surged.  We have been contacted by the History Channel for a possible documentary on the project and, of course, the Copper Scroll.  We have also received a request from and scheduled an interview with Caravan to Midnight; a new and developing program presenting a format similar to Coast to Coast AM.  The talk-show host was, until recently, the weekend host on Coast to Coast AM.



On Wednesday, 30 April, Secret Worlds will be airing on PBS in the United Kingdom.   Since The Copper Scroll Project is becoming well known around the world we wanted the good people in the U.K. to be aware of the 2010 program, Mystery Of The Copper Scroll hosted by Michael Arbuthnot is coming to PBS in that country.  The PBS’s website says the following, Michael Arbuthnot, …”tries to crack the secrets of a 2,000-year-old scroll etched in ancient Hebrew that describes vast amounts of treasure scattered around the Israeli landscape”  That descriptive narrative is on the PBS website at the link above.


The History Channel

After completing a several hour discussion in Orlando, Florida with Dave Spencer and the President of the Kelleyco Company about high quality and powerful metal locating equipment Dave Spencer, a Kelleyco tech, dialed the number for a previously arranged conference call.  That prearranged call was to a senior producer with Prometheus Entertainment based in Hollywood, California.

The producer was a pleasant, personable gentleman not fitting the stereotype of a cold and selfish Hollywood executive.  The thirty-minute conversation was interesting and even fun as we covered multiple topics from how I discovered the secret to understanding the scroll to an interesting, but short, discussion about Ancient Aliens co-host, Giorgio Tsoukalos, a Prometheus produced History Channel program.

Although the producer and I are interested in working together, a significant meeting for The Copper Scroll Project, scheduled for the near future, must be completed before any agreements can be made.  In a short email a week after the conference call, I explained to the kind Prometheus executive the precarious situation we were dealing with and he understood and graciously agreed to be patient.


Caravan to Midnight Interview

On 15 April we received an email from the producer of a new internet Talk-Show program, Caravan to Midnight.  The producer, David Rubini, requested an interview at the Dallas based studio after seeing an ad about a Copper Scroll CTMProject presentation scheduled for the 25th of April in Dallas (details below).  The gentleman requested an in-studio interview but due to a scheduling conflict we had to agree to use Skype to record the program.

The program host, John B. Wells, wants to discuss several topics, the current peace treaty negotiated by Secretary of State John Kerry, the building of a New Temple in Jerusalem, Bible Prophecy, Middle East Politics, Current Events and, of course, The Copper Scroll Project. 

Although the program is secular and will probably take a neutral stance, any of you that have been following The Copper Scroll Project know I am a total supporter of Israel and the restoration of Israel as a nation fully united under G-d.

Caravan to Midnight will air April 28th, 2014 at 6:00 PM!!!


Additional Artifact and Metal Locating Equipment

After a lengthy discussion with the gentlemen from Kellyco Metal Detectors it became obvious that a logical and more aggressive approach to confirming the existence of metal artifacts under the surface of Qumran would require a second unbiased testing procedure.  Although we on The Copper Scroll Project have complete faith in the TM 808 provided to us but Whites Metal Detector Company, a secondary confirmation plan is important even if the TM 808 and Arc Geo-logger function flawlessly.  Should both pieces of equipment provided duplicate images, positive or negative, we need a second technological witness to present to the Israelis to justify an excavation at the popular National Park site.  Although we have not confirmed an agreement with Kelleyco, they have been very helpful with technical recommendations.


Important Meeting with an Israeli dignitary 

No…I am not going to disclose who the person is.  I will, however, tell you that they are greatly respected by the Israelis, myself and the members of The Copper Scroll Project.  Should the meeting go well, and we have every reason to believe it will, the connection will be the greatest step the project has made toward gaining government approval and support to determining if the treasures of Israel remain at the national park.  The dignitary’s unswerving respect for G-d and stand for a united Israel mirror our feelings and resolve in every way.  We pray that G-d will guide us every step of the way and unite our efforts to His glory.


Next Public Presentation

Jim Barfield will be presenting a program on The Copper Scroll Project covering multiple topics pertaining to his research and work in Israel with Israeli Officials, Religious leaders, archaeologists and the current Sanhedrin members.

DATE: FRIDAY, 25 April

TIME: 6pm.

LOCATION: Trinity Church, 4300 Cole Ave., Dallas Texas