By Jim Barfield

The Book of 2nd Maccabees says that Jeremiah took the Tabernacle of Moses, the Table of Show Bread, the Alter of Incense and the Ark of the Covenant, all of which are the most precious treasures of the Temple from vast treasure hoards collected by King David, and placed them in a cave and “sealed” the entrance.  The Copper Scroll Project research indicates that the “Breastplate of Righteousness” and the “Treasures of the House” are sealed away inside a cave about 300 meters from Qumran.

Concrete Shelves

Concrete Shelves

During the 2009 excavation at Qumran we noticed some odd shelf looking mortar structures on the left side of the area where we believed the cave entrance was hidden.  As we dug we uncovered the strange structures and the archaeologist heading up the operation immediately told me that the strange formation was “natural” and not man made.   Although it made no sense, we accepted the explanation about the strange shelves as valid until recently.  About four weeks ago I contacted a friend of mine in Israel and asked him to go out to the site and find a piece of those shelves from the spot, photo the area where each sample was taken and send me the material for testing.

The gentleman that gathered the mortar has a background in the science research field so he knew how to take nondestructive samples and document the locations for the purpose of testing.   Packaging the material for shipment to the United States he had it in the mail within a couple of days and at my doorstep within a week.  From there, I shipped the sample to CTL Group laboratories in Skokie, Illinois.

Because Qumran was the home of excellent masons and plaster workers, it was my theory that if the cave was at the location I suspected, the men of Qumran would have “sealed” it with masonry stones and mortar, plastered it smooth to form a solid, water tight barrier to seal out the elements and bury the entire area protecting the most precious artifacts in the world, “the treasures of the House.”  So, if the odd shelves were man made and if the substance was mortar the probabilities that all the other indications of that lonesome little spot in the Valley of Acor being the home of at least great treasures would go sky high.

Just two minutes before we were to release the latest video a call came from the lab in Skokie.  “Mr. Barfield, I can comfortably say the substance you sent us is manmade.”  We released the video with seconds left before the deadline to pull the video and change our already taped and edited segment about the mortar.  We were very confident obviously, but we were sweating those last two minutes.

The official document arrived on the 20th of November so that is why this update is at the last minute on Friday, 21 November.  I have posted a copy of the whole thing rather than edit it so there is no doubt we are being honest…


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