The Copper Scroll Project, An Ancient Secret Fuels the Battle for the Temple Mount – Book Summary

The Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, Atlantis, the Philosopher’s stone—whether the objects of legend or history, certain ancient mysteries arrest the imagination of every generation and refuse to be forgotten—remaining hidden enough to evade discovery, but historically prominent enough to leave a smattering of clues. Many an explorer has fallen prey to the desire to unravel Bible secrets, spending their life searching for Biblical artifacts that will alter the course of human history.  Now, a rotting copper scroll from Israel’s turbulent past promises to reveal a sealed cave holding treasures of explosive religious power destined for the coming Temple.

The Copper Scroll is a relative newcomer to the Biblical treasure hunt. Part of the Dead Sea Scrolls collection, the Copper Scroll is unlike any of the leather or papyrus documents, though, not simply for its copper plates. The relic reads like a coded map, listing dozens of hiding spots where ingots, gems and sacred vessels, secreted from the Temple of Solomon and Tabernacle of Moses were stored for safekeeping.

Over fifty years after archaeologists found this unique copper record in a Qumran cave, four explorers have dared to chase after the scroll’s prize. Only one man’s search continues.

The moment Jim Barfield realized he had unlocked the secret to understand the meaning of the mysterious document he knew he faced opposition from academic elitists, the political minefields of the coming Temple and the religious hatred burning in the Middle East.

Shelley Neese skillfully documents facts and weaves a matrix of intrigue retelling The Copper Scroll Project journey from the initial discovery to the prophetically laced events dominating the Temple Mount today.

The book, The Copper Scroll Project, An Ancient Secret Fuels the Battle for the Temple Mount, chronicles the story of the project and the men and women dedicated to returning buried artifacts listed on the ancient document to the people of Israel for the coming Temple.

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