119 Ministries is excited to join Jim Barfield and the Copper Scroll Project team in releasing this second video. Though this disclosure only gives a small amount of information regarding the CSP research, we believe you will find it extremely interesting and thought provoking.

This small amount of evidence gives much to the possibilities that the CSP is truly on to something. However, we need your help to test if the Copper Scroll Project has indeed revealed the location of these ancient Biblical artifacts. Please join us in petitioning Israel to PROPERLY excavate these sites with no more delay. Use the information below to contact the Israeli government today and encourage them to pursue the proper excavation of these sites now

Click here for a sample letter.

Israeli Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
34 Shivtei Israel St.
P.O.B. 292
Jerusalem 91911
Tel: 972-2-560 2222
Tel: 972-2-560 2330
Fax: 972-2-5602223
E-mail: spiron@knesset.gov.il
Website: http://www.education.gov.il


***Watch a Breaking News video about the Copper Scroll Project here!***