Unexpected Treasures from the Copper Scroll

By Jim Barfield

Three sheets of extremely oxidized copper hidden centuries ago held secrets to find 57 hoards of amazing treasures described by the Hebrew words jutting from their surface.  There is more to be gained from the document, far more.  The text has a secret not yet realized by the scholars on matters of Qumran.  Had the Bedouins found the scroll and sold it for scrap metal it may have brought enough money to purchase a cup of hot Turkish coffee.  Another priceless aspect to the scroll, however, waits its turn in the spotlight after each trove of silver and every stack of buried gold are safely locked in vaults.  Those gems of knowledge remained locked in the document’s descriptive wording just as securely as the more obvious treasures and artifacts.

With each location the purpose of every room and courtyard guiding the reader to its precious dowry peels away and with it the shroud of ignorance blanketing the structure’s purpose vanishes.  That unexpected knowledge detailing the spaces of Qumran will prove to be the greatest initial benefit unlocking details into a mysterious sect of men by describing their day to day use of the buildings at Qumran giving us an intimate look into their stark environment and lifestyle.


One detail revealed by the CS that will be a great benefit to scholars and Bible students is the fact that the site of the treasures of the Copper Scroll was also the home of the Biblical prophets.  Bearing that in mind, the countless scroll fragments found in the caves of Qumran take on an entirely new level of importance.  For the historian/academic placing no confidence in Biblical matters, the discovery is only a significant clarification of facts.  To the Bible student digging for matters pleasing to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob it is of great importance.

The Harmonious Calendars Of Qumran

Although there are many topics from the CS and DSS that grab the attention of those searching for answers we will begin with a simple and basic need emphasized in both, the Bible and the DSS…”timing.”  The order of time, the Feasts of God and the Sabbath weighed heavy on the minds of the prophets and the Qumran sect, if in fairness, they are two separate parties.  The Sabbath, although not considered a feast by some, is really the greatest of all holy days and continues to hold the highest position in the order of time throughout the Jewish world and is growing rapidly around the world for those desiring to return to our Biblical roots.

The calendars found at Qumran are intriguing.  They are consistent, concise, and complete, laying out each feast on the same day of the year, same day of the month and the same day of the week, simplifying the matter of, “when are the holidays celebrated.”  That is, for those attempting to reflect the image of God and happen to be trying to return to the Biblical holidays.

Qumran The Mirror Image Of Jerusalem


The map on the right is Jerusalem at the time of Jeremiah, on left is Qumran as described in the Copper Scroll.

Speaking of reflections, on the right is a great example of an unexpected benefit.  An interesting piece of topography caught my eye as I located an ancient map depicting Jerusalem at the time of Jeremiah; it appeared to be “Qumran upside down.”  I laughed thinking someone had mistakenly inverted a map of Qumran on their website…I was wrong.  In fact, after considerable examination the map was ancient Jerusalem and , “Qumran is a mirror image of the Holy City.”  But why?

After researching the matter for a couple  of weeks, it appears the layout of Qumran represented the heavenly Jerusalem and its priesthood, while Jerusalem, some 15 miles northwest, represented the earthly order of things, including a completely separate Levitical priesthood.  At Qumran, the priesthood preserved the golden rule, the measure for all things heavenly to which mankind was compared.  They, just as the prophets of old, pounded the tables shouting the errors of halacha to the errant priests of Jerusalem.  That overseeing priesthood was the Melchizedek Order, the first born of every tribe, those dedicated as nazirites from the womb in many cases to serve the God of Abraham all the days of their vow,  the salt of the earth.

Home Of The Melchizedek Order, The Prophets of Israel

I once listened to a radio talk show out of Israel where the Jewish host was dumfounded when her purely Jewish guest stated that the Book of the Revelation was not originally a Christian document.  It was Jewish, written by Jews for Jews and those fearing God.  That being the case, the Book of the Revelation describes a totally separate priesthood from the Levites.  How do I know it is separate?  Only Levites can be priests, yet in the revelation all twelve tribes of Israel provide pure first-born sons to serve among its ranks; restoring the nation of priests desired by God from the beginning.  The Melchizedek Order is a powerful matter with intriguing implications.

Anticipated and many more unexpected benefits of the CS are to be laid out in detail in the following months and my research will be made available for all to purchase giving details of all 57 locations of Moses’ and Solomon’s Treasures.  Keeping quiet about these discoveries is no longer an option, but working in concert with those in authority for the safety of the antiquities and being as careful and responsible as possible to reduce complicated issues is, but Israeli government officials “must” communicate.  At a non-sensitive level, keep me informed so nothing will be said from my end damaging a fragile relationship with those countries looking for an excuse to rant.  I continue to ask for non-sensitive guidance and friendly cooperation from Israel authorities “for the safety of the artifacts, Qumran and the people involved.”